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com), a leader in fiber optic product manufacturing announced today the availability of the industry's first fixed V-groove fusion splicer with a dual heating system.
Upgrading is as simple as connecting a USB cable to your splicer.
MESDAN from Italy is a renowned manufacturer of yarn splicers and testing equipment will be present at Shanghai at two different halls.
the FITEL S184 model is the first splicer ever to use three-phase plasma technology utilizing three electrodes.
Mesdan Splicer Code 4941A for 100% Polyester staple yarn.
The new large diameter fusion splicer builds upon the robust performance of FITEL's S177A hand-held core alignment splicer and expands its capabilities to splice up to 400 micron fiber.
Redesigned Indigo splicer 4662 for Re-beaming (for Indigo dyed yarns).
This option, which can be purchased on most Martin splicers, greatly reduces installation and start-up time and is a simple economical alternative to speed following drive systems.
FITEL's factory-polished ferrules with pre-cleaved fiber stubs are spliced onto the field fiber utilizing FITEL's proprietary ferrule holder and fusion splicer.
redesigned NEW Indigo splicer 4662 for Re-beaming (for Indigo dyed yarns).
Visit stand 3064 at CMM to view a running demonstration of the Martin CHW-HS heat seal splicer.
The splicer will be offered to acconnnodate a variety of roll sizes.