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The ability to complete a splice repair on the flight deck or flight line without the additional logistical footprint and authorization required for heat-applied splices will be a benefit to workplace safety.
Check-wire manufacturers put a special splice in the wire every 5 rods (about 82-1/2 feet).
This indicates that small changes in a nucleotide sequence near a splice point can lead to large changes in splice site choice and proteins produced.
Temperature rating is -40[degrees] to 90[degrees] C for tap or branch cathodic splices up to 50V.
Designed for outdoor and direct-burial tap or branch cathodic splices, VisiLock is pre-filled with King's innovative SmartGel, a non-toxic, waterproof, corrosion proof gel that insulates and encapsulates splices.
In addition to accommodating AMP Tel-Splice products, these service wire splice closures can accept other industry-standard wire splices.
The first operation is an ultrasonic cutting action, which splices the two layers together.
Garden hose splices are easy to install and are available at hardware stores, home centers and garden supply centers for about $3.
The mooring and towing of oil rigs and huge ships rely on the strength and durability of thick ropes and the splices that join those ropes.
The new tesa butt splicing assortment features the ultra-thin tesa 51444 and tesa 51454 single-sided printable and coatable repulpable tapes, tesa 51444 is especially helpful for automatic splicing and tissue folding equipment where smooth processing is a must, tesa 51454 features a slit liner for easier handling when making manually applied butt splices.
The splices are easy to install, requiring only basic mechanical skills.
While this solution looked promising, the crimped splices on the cable assembly didn't meet the company's 80 lb tensile requirement.