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This award-winning splice provides wire termination and environmental sealing in a single step without the application of heat.
The 3M Branch Splice QS-2001B accepts all conductor sizes from #2 AWG through 500 kcmil.
Braucher said conventional splices require the installation of individual rubber strips called noodles between each steel cord across the width of the belt.
Figure 16 summarizes the FEA data for all five splices at three tension ratings, by plotting maximum green strain versus splice length.
This ensures a consistent low splice loss and eliminates the need for a traditional arc check.
Division products include electrical and electronic specialty insulating tapes; power cable splices and terminations, including cold and heat shrink technologies; cable arc and fire resistant tapes; heat shrinkable tubing and molded shapes for electrical insulation; electrical wire connectors; wire terminals, tools and lugs; wire marking products; cable ties; underground/underwater electrical system products; and electrical diagnostic and detection products.
LAS VEGAS -- The compact 3M fiber optic splice closure 2178-XSB features a rugged closure tested under harsh, real-world conditions to stand up to even the most severe conditions of moisture, vibration and extreme temperatures.
The maximum splice capacity of the 533 closure is 144 single and 432 mass fusion splices.
This feature enhances the cable plant reliability and protects the fiber optic splices from the elements, while providing fast and easy, no-cost re-entry.
It allows fast installation of the wye/branch configuration without the force needed to install push-on modular splices or the time required for tape splices or heat shrink.