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Incorporating new patent-pending technologies for real-time arc control and automatic fiber position correction - along with automatic fiber-count identification -- the FITEL[R] S122M12 increases splicing speed while virtually eliminating fiber axis offset, a common challenge during ribbon splicing.
The technically advanced ProStream 2000 does not degrade video quality in comparison with other splicing solutions, but the platform's scalability does decrease cost per channel, making it an ideal solution for HD and SD H.
This section includes a simulation of a typical fusion splicing equipment and demonstrations of the effects of incorrect arc current and incorrectly prepared fibre.
ExonHit has a multi component commercial strategy to capture the maximum value from its leadership in alternative splicing.
This study underscores the potential for learning how RNA splicing variants can contribute to cancer and points to these variants as potential biomarkers for cancer progression," Krainer said.
Using mouse models, the researchers could categorise the alternative splicing that takes place during these changes and what mechanisms they affect.
Here the Autoconer can play optimally to its strengths in splicing.
Even though hESCs have been studied extensively over the last decade due to their potential to differentiate into cell-types of potential clinical applications, little is known about the role that splicing plays in the regulation of pluripotency in these cells.
4 The markedly increased alternative splicing of genes in human cancers7,8 sheds the light on the possible pathways that might explain the exon containing PCT and whether they are sensitive or resistant to trigger the terminator.
for understanding the production of a protein, hence for the prediction of protein structure, for example, as used in alternative splicing [2] [3].
Cold splicing is a safer procedure in certain environments, such as in and around fueled aircraft, because of the absence of heat.
The Type-46 TomCat plus fusion splicer improves splicing efficiency and productivity by 70 percent by streamlining the splicing process and reducing the bottle neck of "heater wait time" by 88 percent, making it the fastest V-groove splicer on the market.