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The splinter group did not want to be controlled by the ISI and wanted to move to Afghanistan.
The number of Aleph followers stands at about 1,300 while that of the splinter group is about 200, the agency said.
US and Iraqi security officials were recently quoted in the local press as saying JaM splinter groups still posed a security risk, emerging in the form of Shi'ite militia backed by a faction of the IRGC.
Pandey claimed that blasts were planned and executed by the splinter group of SIMI which had created a new organization under the name of Indian Mujahedeen which was headed by Mufti Abdul Bashir, who was arrested yesterday morning in Azamgarh.
But Welshman Ncube, a spokesman for the splinter group, denied reports of any deal with Mugabe, saying "it's a lie".
What's appealing about The Splinter Group is that they've developed an experienced team focused on building solid, professional relationships and on providing high-quality client service.
PITTSBURGH -- The Anglican Communion Network, a conservative splinter group of 10 Episcopal dioceses, has approved a financial plan to fund the network's missions and headquarters.
The record shows that Lee and longtime Communist Angela Davis were colleagues in the above-cited Red splinter group.
The WPA also voted to admit -- without conditions -- a splinter group of Soviet psychiatrists known as the Independent Psychiatric Association.
WASHINGTON -- Bruce Raynor's splinter group is holding what it calls a convention this weekend in Philadelphia.
AN al-Qaida splinter group has kidnapped a French citizen in Algeria and announced it will kill him unless France ends its participation in air strikes against the Islamic State group in Iraq.