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Well - bear with me here - a new splinter party has emerged phoenix-like from the ashes of Veritas, and they're planning to blow more deposits at next year's National Assembly elections.
LIDER is a splinter party that broke away from UNE in 2008, and Baldizon is a right-wing populist who combines Perez Molina's tough mano dura (hard-line) approach to crime with the social programs implemented by the UNE party, such as the conditioned cash-transfer program Mi Familia Progresa (Mifapro), which gives families in extreme poverty US$45 a month provided that their children attend school as well as have regular medical checkups.
Apart from the PFP, the New Party -- another splinter party of the KMT -- and independent candidates associated with the KMT also plan to join the race.
Then, there is the third school of thought, which claims that the strongest opposition party in Namibia will come from within SWAPO--that somehow the party will implode due to its own weight, and thereby precipitate the formation of a sizeable splinter party that would bolster the ever-diminishing opposition in Namibia.
The PCP is the splinter party formed by Al-Turabi after he fell out with his former ally president Al-Bashir in 1999.
Deuba chose to part ways and formed a splinter party that he headed.
The accusations were made against Sudan's-ruling National Congress Party (NCP), Sudan African National Congress party (ANC), and a splinter party from the SPLM - Sudan People's Liberation Movement-Democratic Change (SPLM-DC).
Meanwhile, the People First Party, a splinter party of the KMT, also accused Lee of betraying his nation's and people's interests, saying that no individual, including the former leader, should decide on a matter of the national sovereignty for the people on Taiwan.
December 30, 2009 (KHARTOUM) -- Southern Sudan authorities closed the branch office of the SPLM-DC, a splinter party from the ruling SPLM, in Unity state while banned a meeting in Central Equatoria state, a statement said today.