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The mum-of-two has been using the trick for years with her own children but didn't think to share it until one of her friends put a post on Facebook about her little one having a splinter.
Visiting surgical and orthopedic wards, the prime minister inquired after all police cadets who had suffered gunshots and splinter wounds,
Detailed examination of eye showed penetrating foreign body within the globe to be a wooden splinter at 6 o'clock position near the limbus.
If part of the splinter is sticking out, you can use tweezers to gently pull out the splinter.
To splinter means to break into long, narrow pieces, "or in such a way as to leave a rough, jagged edge or projections.
By 'n beoordeling van die bydraes in Splinters is dit belangrik om die oorspronklike teikengehoor daarvan in gedagte te hou.
It's a painless and easy way of getting splinters out.
In exceptional cases, he's made do with splinters, though he does not speak of them fondly.
Surprisingly, back then most toilet paper had splinters.
It was in her Splinters and Ashes (Shazaya wa Ramad), 1949 that al-Mala'ika explained her use of Hiawatha, the native American figure, as a poetic symbol.
Let's fix our bed it's in splinters and I want to stay all year.