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A giant cypress is said to be "a beautiful tree with the red blush showing under the splintery bark and a pool of apple-green foliage at the crown, which was so high up that the egret perched in the topmost branches looked no bigger than a jaybird.
Uncle Buster yelled from the far end of the splintery, soda stained table.
The producers of Panorama: a long splintery pole to shove up the Jockey Club, again.
Their splintery passages of flat color look like blown-up versions of those in paint-by-numbers sets.
Wayne walked in off the street and knocked, and Bradruff came out onto the splintery porch in his knobby bare feet, his shirt a washed-out paisley with cream-colored paramecia swimming through a burgundy background.
He ran his fingers along the splintery bannister surface, enjoying the swirl of live talk and ghostly music.
They curtained off areas for privacy, planted flowers in pots, sewed bright window curtains, braided colorful rag rugs to cover the earthen floors of splintery wooden ones, and made decorative plaques from the dried gypsum that so tainted their water supplies.
Andale, subete, ya nos vamos pa'l norte," she repeated, as she helped me onto the splintery floorboard of the tarp-covered truck we rode with five other families from the Rio Grande Valley of South Tejas to the Yakima Valley of eastern Washington in the Pacific Northwest.
Both rooms were plastered with horrific wallpaper dating back to the 1950s; the wood floors were a splintery mess; the once-white ceilings had become a dirty gray; and the blinds were so filthy that the garbage can was the only solution.
Fresh gnawing in wood is usually light-colored with sharp, splintery edges.
Her splintery human comedies pierce even an enervated era damp with Celebrity Sin, our perpetual docu-disinfo-tainment.