split off

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In addition, the split off will result in an adjustment to the conversion rate for these notes based on the relative trading prices of FNF common stock and Cannae common stock, par value USD 0.
The Company will split off its in-house company, Infrastructure System & Solutions Company, and merge it into Toshiba Electric Service Corporation, which is responsible for part of the installation work, electrical construction, maintenance and inspection services in the social infrastructure business and holds special construction business licenses.
In conjunction with this, the company has decided to split off its optical modules business.
In early September, General Motors plans to begin seeking GM stockholder approval of its proposal to split off its wholly owned subsidiary, Hughes Electronics Corp.
The Christian does not seek to bypass or split off the material from the spiritual.
Chamber of Commerce and split off into an independent organization in 1987.
In line with this plan, the Display Group is being split off as a separate company concentrating on flat panel displays ranging from small and medium-sized LCDs for mobile phones, LCDs for PCs to large-screen models for multimedia applications.
The first split off from PII came in July of last year when Eagle Publishing, a subsidiary, was spun off as an independent company.
Employees belonging to the unions SAS Verkstadsklubb (workshop club) and SAS Personalklubb (staff club) are reportedly protesting a decision by the company's management to split off SAS Cargo as a separate company.
But I cannot view Jamal in increments and pieces of who he is and what his life is because he is not the sort of writer who allows us to compartmentalize, to split off from reality, to say one thing, but be another.
QSSSs, although treated as divisions, can be spun off, split up or split off in tax-flee divisive reorganizations, and
EDS split off from its formidable parent in June 1996 after several years of negotiations.