split off

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They need to be redeemed, rather than being split off in a schizoid view of the universe.
The Display Group along with display products sales personnel currently assigned to the Semiconductor & Integrated Circuits Group and branch offices will be split off and combined to form the company, which will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd.
SAS said that it regrets that customers may be affected by an internal disagreement and added that the final decision to split off SAS Cargo has not yet been made.
But I cannot view Jamal in increments and pieces of who he is and what his life is because he is not the sort of writer who allows us to compartmentalize, to split off from reality, to say one thing, but be another.
EDS split off from its formidable parent in June 1996 after several years of negotiations.
Born in 1936, Raysse, at a very young age, encountered Arman and Yves Klein and joined the Nouveau Realisme movement from which he later split off to develop a personal notion of reality he dubbed "Hygiene de la Vision" (Vision hygiene).
Because of disputes between A and B, it is decided to split off X to A.
The new CR12500A HS model offers the additional capability of utilizing high sensitivity data inputs so that the signal under test may be split off and converted from optical to electrical before being fed into the clock recovery data input.
In the scenario that these findings support, insects and other six-legged arthropods parted evolutionary paths before insects split off from crustaceans.
The trade unions of SAS, the Scandinavian airline, do not support the idea that SAS Cargo should split off from the company.
Ixion split off its oxalate technology into a separate company, OxThera, leaving Ixion to focus on being purely a stem cell company.