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In order to splurge, you must be on track with your finances.
Ally's Splurge Alert app sends alerts when users get close to locations where they tend to overspend.
OTA Expedia has revealed UAE residents' top splurges whilst on vacation are and F&B has come out on top in all groups
The first one, SPLURGE Fiesta brings in entrepreneurs from different lifestyle spaces such as home decor, garments, jewellery, fashion accessories, kidswear, footwear, paper crafts and many more to showcase their products to the entire Delhi audience.
I like the food and clothes in Marks & Spencer, I'm going to have a bit of a splurge.
Splurge gained early publicity through a grand opening party, a holiday open house and a series of fashion shows.
If you have a chronic illness or tend to get sick easily, you may be more strongly affected by an occasional splurge.
Whether you dare to realize a dream or have the urge to splurge, here are 15 exclusive eats that are definitely worth the money.
So splurge on a bottle of really good olive oil--it can cost as much as twenty dollars a quart or more.