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NoDeal4Real tweeted: I'm not buying into this spoil your ballot idea, like the liblabcon Ive no faith that its going to make a real difference.
Spoil detection-based smart labels are used as color indicator smart labels, time and temperature indicator labels, carbon dioxide indicators, and others.
Do you ever wonder how some foods can last for months or even years sometimes without getting spoiled? Don't you find that disturbing?
Metal recovery, % = Metal content in leachate X 100/ Initial metal content in dredged spoil
"I'm ready to have a child and lavish my love on our son and not spoil him but be there for him and to advise him...We don't want to spoil him materially, although he's already been spoiled rotten by people buying him stuff!
My friends say we have spoiled him and I suspect that they're right.
3 : to damage the quality or effect of <A quarrel spoiled the celebration.>
This paper presents the findings of laboratory experiments and a field-based trial investigating the use of organic mulches on a saline-sodic Tertiary spoil from the Goonyella Riverside mine in central Queensland.
This reviewer and her children highly recommends GRANDMA SPOILS ME by Mary H.
He said: ``It puts you off your game and distracts you from playing the match to the best of your ability - all we want to do is play football but they spoil the match.''
He is right, for instance, to say that I exaggerated when I said his formula was devised to show Nader didn't spoil the election "no matter what." I will also grant him the point that it was a single (albeit flexible) formula, rather than several.
With their adapted instrument, the researchers could detect acetic acid's chemical signature in sealed bottles even at concentrations below the official limit at which vinegar spoils wine and when the corks appeared normal, Augustine says.