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Metal recovery, % = Metal content in leachate X 100/ Initial metal content in dredged spoil
This paper presents the findings of laboratory experiments and a field-based trial investigating the use of organic mulches on a saline-sodic Tertiary spoil from the Goonyella Riverside mine in central Queensland.
This reviewer and her children highly recommends GRANDMA SPOILS ME by Mary H.
With their adapted instrument, the researchers could detect acetic acid's chemical signature in sealed bottles even at concentrations below the official limit at which vinegar spoils wine and when the corks appeared normal, Augustine says.
Covering 220,000 square meters, the proposed terminal will be built by means of clay spoils from the Gta lv river and plans cover the capability to handle breakbulk roll-on, roll-off cargoes.
As Roald Dahl put it in 1964 in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, "A girl can't spoil herself, you know.
The growth pattern of the mesophilic acidophile in both dredged spoil samples is similar, though the bacteria population in spoil 1 was generally higher.
MIKE SMITH has one aim this weekend: he wants to spoil the Triple Crown party.
Draglines are used in most open-cut coal mines in Australia, with the result that landscapes after mining generally consist of a series of parallel spoil piles, with slope angles of approximately 75%.
It's impossible to spoil something that is already rotten to the core," he says.
A MANUFACTURER of a treatment for excavated spoil has established its first Welsh facility in Caldicot.
Washington, Sep 20 (ANI): Scientists have discovered that bacteria that cause pickles to spoil could also detoxify environmentally hazardous industrial dyes that pollute water.