spoil the look of

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Ok, Ok, I can hear all the sceptics saying they would cost too much, who is going to pay for them, they would spoil the look of the town, etc, etc?
Ingrid Maclean:"It's hideous.Why spoil the look of the square and St Kessogs as was."
Summary: The posters and notices spoil the look of buildings in the emirate and their owners have to bear the cost to get them repainted.
He added that such buildings not only spoil the look of a locality, but also threaten its hygiene by being home to insects and reptiles.
We have verbal battles on car parking here every day." " The rich go and tell MoUD and PMO that removing LBZ tag will spoil the look of the colony.
Cris Howe, from Bath Lane, submitted this objection: "The size of the tower is far bigger than any other building in the area and will spoil the look of the city cen tre, where it is positioned.
Sloan blue-print rug, PS44, Rugstorene.co.uk DON'T let nasty soap dispensers spoil the look of a super sink.
Plans to install the dumpsters in 144 back lanes in Heaton, Jesmond, Sandyford and the Ouseburn in Newcastle have so far been met with resistance by many who worry they will spoil the look of their suburban streets.
Finally, one last bit of advice –no fridge magnets, they'll spoil the look of it.
"I know a lot of people hang carpets which definitely spoil the look of the building from the outside but people who hang clothes on a rack will definitely have a problem with the new rules," says Sreetama Maity, who lives in a high-rise in the Al Tawuun area.
It may spoil the look of the place but safety nets must surely now be considered.
They could do worse than follow Denbighshire's lead and adopt a zero tolerance approach to those who spoil the look of our beautiful region.