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This type of spoilage is associated with anaerobic sulphide-reducing spore forming bacteria such as the themophilic Desulfotomaculum nigrificans and also the mesophilic Clostridium sporogenes.
The product is designed to cope with the particular needs of dairy manufacturers who, despite the challenges of cold-chain logistics, cannot afford to risk their brand image to product failure by controlling a wider range of difficult fungal contaminants, in particular spoilage yeast isolated from fermented dairy products.
With this method of testing, research may be conducted that will ascertain the progression of spoilage in produce.
Fungal contamination is the most common cause of spoilage of stored fruit and vegetables.
Thirty years ago, ARS scientists fingered Lactobacillus casei as the cause of the red spoilage.
TVB-N is the traditional chemical means most widely used for evaluation of the degree of spoilage in meat.
Spoilage yeasts were more resistant than pathogens.
FQSI) has developed a revolutionary new smart sensor label that senses spoilage in fresh meat and poultry products.
Andrews, UK) as "groups and tactics that actively seek to hinder, delay, or undermine conflict settlement through a variety of means and for a variety of motives," a definition that is employed in order to expand the study of spoilage to include actors not only within the conflict zone and actions which are not necessarily expressed as violence.
Blackburn, who works for a commercial biological laboratory in the UK, introduces microbial food spoilage as a natural and necessary process, even a social construct on a product's acceptability for human consumption.
The SensorTag ST-674, an RFID-based sensor tag from Savi Technology, is said to reduce spoilage and damage by monitoring the temperature and humidity of commercial shipments, including medical supplies, foodstuffs, and other perishables vulnerable to environmental conditions as they move through the supply chain.
According to the company, this new product helps prevent spoilage by utilizing less aggressive "Hurdle Technology.