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McCracken's research in the UK found three stages to spoiling and, currently, Brits are doing their best to stick to Stage One:
Doesn't it mean that, far from being indifferent, people do vote and by spoiling their paper, they are showing they are not satisfied with what is on offer and that things must improve?
A mother asked me last week whether I thought she was spoiling her child.
Some companies currently are studying whether nanotechnology can be used in packaging to identify when food has spoiled or to even stop food from spoiling.
However Aberdeen boss Mark McGhee said he had not not instructed his players to slow the game down, commenting: "I think the only spoiling tactics were that we got one more goal.
But, as I keep saying to them, he's good lad and our days of spoiling are numbered.
To an extent, though the drunks (gay or straight) do a much better job of spoiling the fun.
However, it requires homeowners to use large ugly wheeled bins for collection of waste from domestic properties, even if they have to be stored at the front, spoiling the look of someone's home.
In an increasingly materialistic society we have new ways of spoiling our children, but I don't think the root of it has changed.
If you know some kids who need some spoiling, bring them on by.
Ruth Conniff quite rightly points out some of the alarming ramifications of third party spoiling and the Green Party's decision to run a candidate against Paul Wellstone.