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The two spies had evidently been sent into the camp to create a diversion, while their confederates carried off the spoil.
I've never noticed that water spoils pumpkins," returned Tip; "unless the water happens to be boiling.
Too much pleasure would soon spoil me," answered Polly, shaking her head.
You see, father, the Awkward Man won't mind us, because we're only children and he knows us well," explained the Story Girl, "but if he sees you, a stranger, it might confuse him and we might spoil the homecoming, and that would be such a pity.
So we went to Golden Milestone, laden with all the flowery spoil we could plunder from both gardens.
308: The authors of the "Thebais" say that Manto the daughter of Teiresias was sent to Delphi by the Epigoni as a first fruit of their spoil, and that in accordance with an oracle of Apollo she went out and met Rhacius, the son of Lebes, a Mycenaean by race.
I often wonder why people are all in league to spoil me.
You dabbled in nasty mud, and made pies, when you were a child; and you dabble in nasty science, and dissect spiders, and spoil flowers, when you grow up.
1980), both of which reported no benefit of gypsum application in overcoming crusting tendencies in spoils at other mines in the region.
Henry knows that his grandma spoils him, but he isn't sure if she spoils him with love or with buying him things.
An older and wiser commentary on such institutional plunder comes from Roman statesman Cicero, who condemned Julius Caesar's spoils system as an attempt to bribe voters with other people's money.
With their adapted instrument, the researchers could detect acetic acid's chemical signature in sealed bottles even at concentrations below the official limit at which vinegar spoils wine and when the corks appeared normal, Augustine says.