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This is a good way of using the spoils and at the same time helping to clean up the river.
They can be configured with an 800-gallon spoil tank and a 400-gallon water tank, or a 500-gallon spoil tank and 200-gallon water tank.
4 April 2012 - French advertising and communications services company Havas (EPA:HAV) said it had bought a majority stake in US technology-centred creative agency Victors & Spoils for an undisclosed sum.
Both sides of the dredged channel are littered with spoils, and random rock piles pepper the flats to the north and south of the river.
Dredged spoils abound in the Niger Delta owing to the continued oil and gas exploration activities in wetlands particularly mangrove areas.
Despite trailing at half-time, the visitors struck back to claim the spoils courtesy of two tries from Dafi Davies.
LOWLY Rugby grabbed a share of the spoils against league leaders Nuneaton in the Mid-Warwickshire League, forcing a 4-4 draw.
The smart dual-purpose performer very nearly defied top-weight in the traditional cavalry charge before Smokey Oakey came from the clouds to grab the spoils.
Experience has shown that without some form of amendment, the spoils pose severe problems for vegetation establishment and growth (Bell et al.
Henry knows that his grandma spoils him, but he isn't sure if she spoils him with love or with buying him things.
An older and wiser commentary on such institutional plunder comes from Roman statesman Cicero, who condemned Julius Caesar's spoils system as an attempt to bribe voters with other people's money.
With their adapted instrument, the researchers could detect acetic acid's chemical signature in sealed bottles even at concentrations below the official limit at which vinegar spoils wine and when the corks appeared normal, Augustine says.