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And even the grouchiest spoilsport might reconsider that view now that a doctor has pronounced that playing in the snow is actually good for youngsters.
Sir, - As a seven-nights-a-week merchant I can hardly be accused of being a spoilsport on this issue, but enough is surely enough.
Once in a while, a spoilsport like Kweisi Mfume, Democrat of Maryland, or Bill Bradley, Democrat of New Jersey, gets on a show like this and suggests that economic facts, especially about discrimination, might alter the debate.
Summary: Taunton [UK], July 20 (ANI): Rail played spoilsport on Day 2 of the one-off Test between Australia and England at Taunton, as Australia finished the day at 341/5.
Needless to say an NHS Grampian public health consultant (he didn't consult me) wrote to the licensing board complaining the plans were not "conducive in an establishment where alcohol is consumed." Well of course they're not.That's the whole point - spoilsport.
This is not the first time the Irungattukottai Spoilsport
Keen to shrug off their spoilsport image and further dispel the myth that they make children wear protective goggles for the playground game, health and safety officers have also entered a team in the tournament.
Spoilsport officials in the city of Ulm ordered the villagers of Ballendorf to vote again - this time without the free booze and snacks - after learning the new mayor had scraped home in a town of 650 residents by just 17 votes.
At the risk of sounding like a spoilsport, I think the quest for "clarity" is a fool's errand.
The Sunday Mercury put in a request to interview employees at the factory in Great Barr, Birmingham - but spoilsport bosses banned the workers from talking about the game.
All this prompted Juan Williams to gush, "Compassion is Clinton's best card." Only Carl Rowan was a spoilsport, asking why other Americans in desperate need of Federal funds for jobs and housing - those in our inner cities - weren't getting the same hugs, the same compassion.
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 9 (ANI): As rain continues to play spoilsport in the semi-final match between India and New Zealand in the ongoing ICC Men's Cricket World Cup, former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag directed a hilarious jibe at Duckworth-Lewis method.