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That person has been disadvantaged because my vote was inadvertently spoilt and I have been precluded from voting for him.
Whether you're searching for that special gift, treating yourself to a well deserved statement piece of jewellery or wanting to find a romantic offering, Spoilt Cow have accessories for all your needs.
We were surprised to know that spoilt fish were there among the fresh fish that came this morning," said Mohammad Shajith, General Manager of Lulu Hypermarket at Al Wahda Mall.
Out of 29,571 ballots declared spoilt, 18,744 were rejected because of problems with the witness statement without the actual vote being considered.
So are they spoilt or are they just sharing in the benefits of an affluent society?
DOES anyone else remember the Viz character, Spoilt B***d, the brat who always got his own way?
Teachers say the often spoilt children - dubbed Little Miss Perfects - used to being doted on by their parents can cause just as much trouble.
North east tv viewers will get the chance to see an exclusive pilot of new BBC comedy drama Spoilt.
I enjoyed the day, the only thing that spoilt it was the result.
SO the world's most advanced country puts up a boring, spoilt little rich kid against a thick, spoilt little rich kid to decide who should be the most powerful man on earth.