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IMZ: When I think of spoken word poetry, I think of The Last Poets, Gil Scott-Heron and others, would they be considered pioneers in the genre?
It's the start of the autumn season at Queenie's Coffee House Nights, which will feature a line-up of fantastic spoken word artists and upcoming, local talent on the open mic.
The spoken word poetry is a perfect element to bring back what was neglected by this generation.
I asked Atiqto place Spoken Word within theArabic literary context, having noticed that she code-switches in her performances, shifting between Arabic and English.
At the beginning, she wrote mostly music, but then started writing spoken word poems in her high school freshman year.
The event will feature live music, an open mike and several favorite local spoken word artists, a news release says.
Hexham-based Sheila Auld will be reading from 'Cut Him Out in Little Stars', the book she wrote about the search for her missing husband, while musician Celia Bryce, who lives in Jarrow, will mix music and the spoken word.
In his class, we read and scrutinized spoken word poetry as well as listened to spoken word artists perform their poetry for our class.
In fact, the evidence is crystal clear in the 13th and final track--a live, 1985 version of the old nugget Tennessee Waltz that still shows the power of that vocal from two decades ago: Four of the 12 new songs have spoken word vocals, two others are the next thing to spoken word, one is simply a recited poem, and the other tracks heavily showcase Cohen's female sidekick vocalists Anjani Thomas and Sharon Robinson.
History of the Word connects the spoken word of history and the spoken word of today.
The theme of this year's event, coming July 16-25, 2004, is "Sister Fire: Creative Expressions of Women of the African Diaspora" Although the NBAF always presents beloved legends, up and comers in music, dance, theater, media and the visual arts, the written and spoken word also receive their just due.