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Committed to Uplifting Single Parents) the expo is poised for another exciting year celebrating the diversity of the written and spoken word.
It is the extended spoken word community that is responsible for bringing her to Worcester tomorrow.
Another spoken word event scheduled to coincide with the art walk is a performance of "The Brutalist" by Tobin Johnston.
Spoken word is an innovative way for us to effectively broach the topic of organ donation, provide vital information and encourage people from all walks of life to register as organ donors," said Dr.
The Watts Prophets bring jazz-infused poetry and positive messages of hope and faith with a unique blend of music and relevant spoken word to the Playhouse at 2 p.
Spoken word is a form of poetry that utilizes the strengths of our communities: oral tradition, call-and-response, home languages, storytelling and resistance.
Chinese characters thus represent bigger chunks of spoken words than alphabetic letters do.
The figures gathered from member publishers' retail results were published ahead of the Spoken Word Awards to be held in London on 9 September 2004, reports theBookseller.
She is creating a CD, The Full Moon of Sonia, a blend of poetry, blues, jazz, gospel, spoken word and acoustic hip-hop--kind of Sonia Sanchez unplugged in concert with a very lush musical feel" says Laura Greer, assistant artistic director for the festival.
com, it is "a system of computer input and control in which the computer can recognize spoken words and transform them into digitized commands or text.
Hip-hop artist Sarah Jones also lauds her: "Alix is a vital feminist voice and a true spoken word powerhouse.
Speaking of her nomination for Best Spoken Word Album, she said, "I'm up against First Lady Michelle Obama, former President Bill Clinton, Rachel Maddow and Ellen DeGeneres.