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com beginning Thursday afternoon to see video of the musicians, poets and spoken-word artists at the Monroe Street Cafe's forum.
Fellow children's music producer Christopher Cerf also went nearly a quarter century between Grammys when he won the best spoken-word album for his work on ``Marlo Thomas and Friends: Thanks & Giving All Year Long,'' which benefits the children of St.
Our vision for AudioUniverse is to accommodate all the spoken-word needs of individuals and businesses, both on-line and off-line, as exemplified by our recent agreement with The Hearst Corporation to publish Cosmopolitan content in audio form.
Earlier this year, Audible Studios secured a record 37 nominations for the 2012 Audie Awards, which honor outstanding audiobooks and other spoken-word performances, and took home six awards in 17 applicable categories.
In spoken-word poetry, what a poet sounds like helps the audience to understand how s/he crafts what s/he means.
A: They've said a lot of stuff about having a spoken-word record.
It has the potential to be because the whole spoken-word phrase itself was appropriated and used for commercial reasons that reek of competition and greed.
In 2006 Audible and XM will introduce the first portable, handheld satellite radio devices that are capable of playing both the XM service as well as Audible's spoken-word content, which can be downloaded from the Web into the devices' memory.
Also entitled "Love, Janis," the CD reflects the format of the musical itself, interspersing original recordings by the 'Queen of Rock and Roll' with spoken-word selections that are excerpted from her letters and read by the actress in the stage show, Catherine Curtin.
Nasdaq: MBAY) announced it will offer premium spoken-word audio content for Microsoft's next generation PDAs, Windows-powered Pocket PCs.
amp;uot;We've chosen Audible to be our exclusive provider because they have established the new standard in the delivery of spoken-word audio via the Web, and they share our core value of customer satisfaction.