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Go to www.registerguard.com beginning Thursday afternoon to see video of the musicians, poets and spoken-word artists at the Monroe Street Cafe's forum.
A spokesman said: "She is considered to be the UK's premier woman spoken-word artist, with an international reputation for excellence in all her creative fields.
"And when I met some of the spoken-word poets and learned they were involved in education, it became clear how a show could engage children by incorporating hip-hop, spoken word and theatrical storytelling, without relying on special effects."
Len has been a veteran of the Bay area spoken-word scene since 1997 and was facing the imminent demise of the Bearded Lady.
West -- familiar in Cambridge with his ubiquitous three-piece suit, and the pundit-author of the book "Race Matters" who also makes frequent appearances on C-Span -- says he hopes to record again, and is speaking with Public Enemy's Chuck D and spoken-word legend Gil ScottHeron about performing live.
This alliance enables Audio Book Club to offer a secure means of digitally downloading its collection of spoken-word content, including audiobooks, old-time radio shows, classic movies, music, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, celebrity and author interviews, and more.
Make sure the service specializes in recording and editing of spoken-word tapes rather than music.
Moon started the label in 1991 to produce "wordcore," intense spoken-word performances.
For the third time, Staple and Perk Bakery on Eco Plaza Building serves as the venue for SPEAK, a spoken-word affair where an assortment of people recites their poems for a minimum of two minutes before a live audience.
Mark Eleveld, Marc Smith, and Billy Collins, The Spoken-Word Revolution: Slam, Hip-Hop and the Poetry of a New Generation (Sourcebooks, 2005).
Well-regarded as a live performer in the Toronto, Canada, spoken-word and music scenes, Belladonna's seven-song EP mixes producer Gerry Sylvia's crackling hip-hop production as well as complex live jazz, blues and folk instrumentation by The Awakening without seeming forced or thrown together.
Whether at a political forum or supporting another artist such as Amiri Baraka or Sonia Sanchez, or demonstrating his verbal skills (which prefigured rap) to upcoming spoken-word folks on Def Poetry Jam, Oscar was ubiquitous.