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According to the spokesman, Khan had secretly tied the marital knot with Qureshi some 2 years and 5 months before his murder.
In another development, the fire service spokesman said that one Mr Mohammed Shaharali, 20, drowned when he fell into an open pool of water on Sunday morning at Ladanai in Nasarawa LGA of Kano State.
The fire incident at Sui has created a shortfall of 390 MMCFD gas deficit, the spokesman added.
The spokesman further clarified that flights will operate three times a week on a 787-8 Dreamliner which can be enhanced with a suitable environment.
The spokesman said a control room has been set up in the office of Deputy Commissioner Muzaffarabad which was working round the clock.
PNS Azmat and long-range maritime aircraft also participated in the drill, the Navy spokesman said.
The project was closed for 29 days from January 5 under the construction agreement for inspection, the Wapda spokesman said.
The FO spokesman and Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari were addressing Kashmir conference in Islamabad.
The spokesman suggested that the woman would be taken to hospital although her injuries were not thought to be life threatening.
The spokesman categorically denied the comments made by the Secretary, according to a press statement issued here.
This reflects what I call the traditional concept of a spokesman: someone who makes announcements and little else.
What we are concerned is cross-Strait relations," said the spokesman.