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I want to share important information that the TTP JA leader Ehsanullah Ehsan has surrendered to the Pakistani security forces,' the army spokesman said.
We believe the F-16s they're the right platform to support Pakistan's counterterrorism efforts, and have been a part of the successful pushback, the spokesman said.
A spokesman for the California Taxpayers Association also pointed to the Legislature's failure to address major issues, saying that's why it has become so common for various activists and the governor to take their agenda directly to voters via the initiative process.
Kerry visited the region, including India and Bangladesh, but skipped Pakistan, the Spokesman said that it did not indicate anything about the relationship between Pakistan and the United States.
According to the TTP spokesman, Mohmand Agency Taliban would have to explain their actions during a shura meeting.
We're looking at every aspect of this agency's operations - our planning, everything,'' said MTA spokesman Marc Littman.
The Spokesman termed the statement of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Balochistan an attempt to create a "diversion" to the situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir.
The spokesman said that no new appointments have been done against much harped removal of MDs, CEOs of OGDCL, SNGPL, SSGPL, USC, PTA and EOBI besides others.
These letters have surfaced before, a spokesman for Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich said.
In response to Indian prime minister Narendra Modi's recent statement, the Spokesman said no wedge could be drawn between the civil and military leadership of Pakistan as latter was committed to democratic process.