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The idea of a spokesperson in the Middle East and the West is quite different, Rasamimanana said, adding, "In the Arab world, spokespeople emerge from governments in times of crisis, otherwise there is no reliable channel between the journalist and the government.
To meet their needs, spokespeople need to answer questions clearly and concisely to allow the reporter or other stakeholder to probe the organization's logic by asking as many questions as possible.
He also urged the spokespeople "not to be ashamed to express emotion and appeal to feelings" and to emphasize Hizbullah's attacks and the damage that Israel's home front has suffered.
Regents and system spokespeople counter that the salary increases for UC executives are necessary to keep the system competitive.
Bob and Suzanne are such effective spokespeople with such tremendous resources,'' says Alison Tepper Singer, Autism Speaks' acting CEO.
TSA spokespeople insist they're on schedule to launch in August.
Spokespeople for both Kerry and Snowe are optimistic that when the 2006 budget hits both floors for a final vote, the amendment will survive.
Celebrity spokespeople for the campaign included Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliott, Linda Evangelista, Chloe Sevigny and Boy George.
And that's why Bianca Baker (left), 15, and Kristin Hadfield, 17, were chosen as teen spokespeople for Space Day 2004: Blazing Galactic Trails.
In the face of these cases and many more, Justice Department spokespeople have repeatedly claimed that the Patriot Act doesn't apply to Americans.
Highways into the capital were blocked with barricades of burning tires which spokespeople for the Popular Resistance Group (CRP), one of the protest organizers, vowed not to take down until well into the night.