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He is tasked with bringing uniformity in the line that spokespersons adopt on issues.
It was agreed that the Spokespersons of the two Foreign Ministries would maintain close contact and encourage regular exchange of media delegations between the two countries.
The lecturer stressed the importance of designating an official spokesperson at each ministry and establishment to regulate relations with the public through the media.
As individuals who speak about their country's position and that of their foreign ministers and heads of state, official spokespersons from foreign governments possess high penetration in Arab media outlets: 80 per cent of Arab opinion leaders have noticed government spokespersons throughout the past year's coverage of events in the region.
He highlighted the importance of training in improving skills of media spokespersons, adding an agreement will be singed with the Jordan Media Institute on a long-term training program.
5 which requires that, "if a spokesperson is used, the spokesperson shall provide a spoken disclosure identifying the spokesperson as a spokesperson and disclosing that the spokesperson is not a lawyer.
This statement is followed by a list of authorized spokespersons and instructions on what to do when a reporter calls; how to handle sensitive or controversial matters; litigation, personnel and election issues; general or routine news; public safety; and crisis or emergency situations.
National Educational Spokesperson Jo Rowan is scheduled to appear as the celebrity guest along with other local and state celebrities.
com/research/7b0cb8/how_to_turn_yourse) has announced the addition of the "How to Turn Yourself Into a CEO Celebrity Spokesperson for Your Company " audioconference to their offering.
The party has a total of 18 spokespersons who are mostly assigned for television talk shows.
Rafek Chalal, ex-official spokesperson and media consultant for the President of Lebanon, said that an official spokesperson must be very well informed, as there is no excuse not to be, especially with the availability of information on the internet.
Referring to an Opposition Partys spokespersons claim of a plot to defame his party chief, Ms Ispahani said this was a regretable allegation.