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tucked into his spokeswoman believeJordan Newton Aycliffe particularly concerned because of his information whereabouts is the Cleveland room via the number 101, number W78640.
The URI spokeswoman added that there were no reports of any shots being fired on the campus.
A Kent Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman said it sent two fire engines to the incident.
The spokeswoman went on: "Since then, antivirals have been given to all children and staff as a precautionary measure.
The site is still due to begin production at the end of 2010, the spokeswoman said.
The spokeswoman said the procedure had been successful but declined to give further details of Campbell's condition.
China is one of nine countries invited to observe the drills, a spokeswoman for the U.
The RSPCA has not given the precise location of where the animals were found and the spokeswoman would not say whether they were living in a house or on a farm.
A spokeswoman for West Sussex County Council said: 'The county council is building a new special school on the campus.
Zoe Younker, a spokeswoman for State Farm, agreed that the residents' homeowners liability coverage will be the first affected.
We're not aware that anyone has been hurt although we understand that it is a fairly large fire," said the spokeswoman.
Her Honour Judge Ludlow also lifted restrictions on publicity on the basis that media coverage may assist in the recovery of the children and therefore be in their best interest,' said the spokeswoman.