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From the 11th century to the mid-12th, says Mathews, the Italian maritime cities of Amalfi, Salerno, Pisa, Genoa, and Venice each formulated a unique visual manifestation of the relationship between commerce and conflict in the Mediterranean through the use of spolia or reused architectural elements, objects, and styles from past and foreign cultures.
Decimos que es una parte porque, en la cultura social y juridica romana, el resto de bienes tienen una naturaleza propia que los diferencia entre si, como son las manubiae o los spolia.
8: postero die spolia de hostibus lecta, et pro contione donati, quorum uirtus insignis fuerat.
Spolia, wrote back saying that the Delhi Development Authority ( DDA) must provide them alternate land for the ITI.
Toward the end of occupation, Maya masons constructed extra walls between columns and used monumental sculpture and other pieces of carved spolia to provide buttressing, which seemingly prevented several roofs from falling in.
A religious interpretation has also been given (9) to the drums of the columns with twenty flutes, worked in limestone and stuccoed, that were reused on the wall in the Augustine refoundation in the Maimonides Square, becoming one of the earliest examples of the use of spolia (rediviva saxa) in the city, which would later become so frequent in late Roman and Ancient times (Moreno Almenara & Gutierrez 2008).
En todos los casos se trata de spolia que originariamente conformaron esculturas cuya funcion se ha perdido/ transformado con el paso del tiempo; es de gran interes comprobar como, por cuestiones practicas y economicas, esos fragmentos fueron reelaborados ampliando asi su 'ciclo vital'.
Such studies are of different extent and can discuss, for example, the intentional re-use of spolia in new buildings in some time period (Papalexandrou 2003), the re-use of old tombs as later dwelling places (Blake 2003) or conversely (Meskell 2003, 51 f.
the knight that caryed the Spolia optima of this Bishopprick, having gotten Sherborne castle Park and Parsonage; he was in those dayes in so great favour with the Queene .
importer for several of the manufacturers on its floors and shelves, among them Bullenberg and Spolia.
The new city's artistic spolia were no longer to be collected during decades, as the result of military victories; they had to be identified, selected, collected, transported and only then exhibited in their new public galleries--and time was limited.
En consecuencia, la reutilizacion de estos sarcofagos historiados como pilas de fuentes en determinados edificios de la ciudad fue un acto consciente y cargado de contenido, que trascendia su valor estetico y de spolia.