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When the cakes are cool, spread the jam on one of the sponge cakes (if using) and spread half of the whipped cream on top.
The result was simply delightful, with the sponge cake really soft to slice into.
Twinkies sponge cake was among the foods Haub enjoyed during his diet.
A sponge cake with powdered single-celled organisms as its key ingredient might not sound appetizing, but the Japanese creators of this unusual product are banking on it becoming a hit with the health-conscious.
Dawn's Disney branded sponge cakes come in a box of six, are individually wrapped and have a suggested retail price range of $1.
Indulge in a sweet treat or two this Easter with our pick of the tastiest sponge cakes.
Treat your mum to a Spring Fondant Cake of individual sponge cakes with raspberry preserve and buttercream, front cover picture, priced pounds 29.
A tearful Ms Toss - who, as a result of the scandal, is losing contracts at a faster rate than Harland and Wolf - has confessed that she started off on light sponge cakes before hitting the harder stuff like Battenburg and eventually ending up eating an entire Madeira every day.
Twinkies, those golden sponge cakes with creamy filling that bring back childhood memories for many, celebrates its 75th anniversary.
The vanilla sponge cakes are injected with white creme, covered with white chocolate and topped with a Cadbury white button.