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Maybe I mentioned that the most successful people I know have a spongelike ability to absorb the strengths of the people around them while ignoring their shortcomings.
Rather than storing it as a high-pressure gas, Ovshinsky created a spongelike material--known as a solid hydride--that could absorb hydrogen gas, making it safe and easy to transport.
Thick and spongelike at close range, from across the room they developed intense energetic fields, the former emptying out at its center and the latter becoming denser.
The rugs' twisted fibers, which are made of polyolefin, draw water from the surface of the rug in a spongelike manner.
Rather than being spread smoothly, it apparently forms a vast, spongelike network of amoeba-shaped holes and tunnels.
consists of karst--a porous, spongelike, limestone terrain--and so rain
Profiles made of a blend of recycled polystyrene and polyethylene have a "co-continuous spongelike structure" with good compressive strength, says Polywood Inc.
The polymer "solidifies into a spongelike material when it is injected into the tissue, supporting the lower esophageal sphincter and helping to prevent or reduce reflux of gastric acid into the esophagus," according to Boston Scientific, the manufacturer.
It is one of a family of TSE diseases that cause spongelike gaps to develop in brain tissue.
Both the spongelike cancellous bone located in the marrow cavity and the compact cortical bone forming haft are at risk of bone loss.
Hatched and non hatched eggs have similar characteristics in their external surface: fanned units and proteic fibers superposed at random They differ in the presence of spongelike structures and more external porosity in non hatched eggs.
So when Fay tells a narrative in only one voice, apparently her own, the reader must pay a broad, spongelike attention.