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Tracy Kivell, Reader in Biological Anthropology, both of Kent's School of Anthropology and Conservation, used new techniques to reveal how fossil species were using their hands by examining the internal spongey structure of bone called trabeculae.
Reader tester says: 'Sweet little pot, which came with a brush inside (not just a horrible spongey thing
I soldiered on and the lemon pud - a really generous serving - was delicious; light and spongey with a hint of lemon.
WHEN I was very young, birthday preparations involved my mother coiling my dead straight hair into spongey rollers.
This wasn't quiche as you get from the shop, or the local cafe - unloved with soggy pastry and spongey interior.
For pudding we shared a chocolate truffle, which was too dry and spongey for my liking, though Riki wolfed it down with gluttonous gusto.
Me, my bass and crate of rum, sat on the beach just warbling along to my spongey dub rhythms and recording straight into my laptop.
spongey and ponderous, like a lot of the football dished up in a first half that he accurately described as a bore draw.
Served with Welsh honey ice cream or fresh cream (we opted for ice cream), the hint of honey worked beautifully with the warm, soft and spongey centred tart.