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Tras estas alusiones de pasada, la alianza parece datar de finales de esa decada, concretamente de cuando Quevedo decidio apoyar a Lope en su disputa contra los <<aristotelicos>> de la Spongia, contribuyendo a la Expostulatio Spongiae (1618) que produjeron los partidarios del Fenix para responder al libelo anti-Lope (15).
Anyone who didn't know the use for Roman spongia or sponge sticks will be well informed after reading the book and studying the pictures.
Sea animal medicines indicated in the homeopathic literature for thyroid problems include Ambra grisea (waste product of the whale, commonly known as ambergris), Badiaga (freshwater sponge), Calcarea carbonicum (calcium carbonate or oyster shell), Sepia (cuttlefish), and Spongia (toasted sponge).
Plurimi, decoctis papaveris corticibus, ex ea aqua spongia os et caput subinde fovent (Celsus 3.
water meal), Azolla caroliniana (eastern mosquito fern), Limnobium spongia (frog's bit), and Hydrocotyle ranunculoides (floating pennywort).