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We apparently differ as to whether or not we get to the spongier and softer stuff inside.
The physical properties of materials such as peat moss, perlite, nitrolyzed redwood shavings, straw and compost increase soil fertility by making the soil spongier.
The language of paragraph 2(b)(2) is spongier than Article 36(a) to the extent that it merely treats the court-martial practice baseline as a guide, rather than binding the court-martial and commission in lock-step fashion.
SpongeBob will be bigger, spongier and more absorbent than ever as he and his dimwitted, faithful friend Patrick go on a heroic, comedic quest that takes them to new and unexplored territory.
manufacturers are choosing airlaid over spunlaced materials for their wiping products due to their softer, spongier feel and lower price points.
The roulade was gorgeous with just the right amount of bits that had "burned" on the tin and were therefore crunchy and tasted of treacle and the Cointreau was evident in the softer, spongier bits.