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The scoped A-Bolt also had an excellent "un-shotgunny" 3-pound trigger, although the Benelli's trigger, heavier and a tad spongier, was certainly serviceable.
The new model is supple but never feels as if it is going to wallow and the spongier suspension absorbs even the most inhospitable surfaces - perfect for our potholed roads.
Flour from short-grain sweet rice makes stickier batters and doughs than long-grain rice flours--and, thus, fluffier, spongier baked goods.
Spongier norms will generally serve in the constitutional context, given the various institutional structures, cultural characteristics, and ideals of solidarity that curb the worst abuses of self-help.
McVitie's were spongier with less fat but we found for taste, Sondey was a worthy contender.
The joy of a Tuesday teatime show is you get the big posh seats suitable for giants and with the bahookie friendly spongier seats for PS4.95.
The local geology at each mine differs greatly across regions; at the diamond mines, the waste rock is a hard dense granite, which hosts the softer spongier kimberlite ore, for example.
What's more, Shirataki has a slightly spongier texture than pasta.
It feels a bit spongier but the work has invigorated it and kickback has been reduced.
LINPAC Packaging, Europe's leading multi-material packaging manufacturer, has developed a new range of bakery containers in partnership with its customers to keep sweet treats spongier and fresher for longer.
Infected tissue is spongier and elastic, so it is possible to gently push it back manually using tiny scoop-shaped instruments known as curettes.
We apparently differ as to whether or not we get to the spongier and softer stuff inside.