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It was only when the slope levelled off at the end of its 134ft climb that your heel felt a sponginess rarely found at Epsom.
The thing that will eventually be sacrificed is that wonderful depth, that plush velour or soft sponginess in the sound that adds to the score's sensuality.
The company has engineered its materials to provide the same sponginess at 25 gpsm weights as it did at 30 gsm.
When we're born, the invertebral disc is made up of about 80 per cent water, which gives it its sponginess and allows it to function as an efficient shock absorber.
Gone is the sponginess of the old A6's brakes, replaced by a much sharper pedal which, on first acquaintance, can stand the car on its nose.
The bit of sponginess that was in it has gone, there is wear and tear and it has also flattened down.