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The scent, color and sponginess of these little rolls coming out of the oven, slathered with European butter, makes "bread monsters" of friends and family.
Studying sheep brain sections under the microscope, Hadlow identified cerebellar holes and sponginess as also occur in the brains of kuru and CJD victims, while it also affected the cerebral cortex in CJD, but not in kuru victims.
Ask your contractor to inspect the floor for sponginess and strength and recommend reinforcements if needed.
But Davies's prosaic retailing of physiological information is strikingly different from the Complaint's turning of the lungs' sponginess to poetic use: 'O that sad breath his spongy lungs bestowed' (l.
Underground I seek evidence of "truth" in a city's layers, layers like a cake, rich sponginess sealed by sugar to amplify what's underneath or mask it.
Issues with colour absorption and retention, and sponginess and matting when wet, are also porosity issues, but on a more severe level.
Its sponginess makes it vexingly hard to keep one's balance, but then, it also makes spiraling down it relatively painless.
It was only when the slope levelled off at the end of its 134ft climb that your heel felt a sponginess rarely found at Epsom.