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They began 3D printing in 2007 with their patented "Trabecular Titanium" technology, a method for fabricating pure titanium implants that mimic the natural spongy structure of cancellous bone.
Scientists created the pizza by developing a spongy crust and tweaking the cheese and sauce so they wouldn't spoil.
dressing set with aspiration line and spongy drainage dressing of medium size 30 sets.
During the chaos of his wife's drowning, one of their two pet dogs "Spongy" went missing.
The team found that the thick cranium of the specimen 6 belonging to an extinct group called Australopithecus 6 was composed of a long spongy bone, which was very similar to that found in present-day humans.
"Our study revealed that the cranium of the Jacovec specimen and of the Ausralopithecus specimens from Sterkfontein in general was thick and essentially composed of spongy bone," says Beaudet.
Its hard outer layer protects the fruit, and a white spongy layer just below the skin has microscopic reservoirs of oil in hidden pockets.
To be so close to Sudan, his forehead sandpaper rough but spongy soft, was a once-in-a-lifetime privilege for me.
A Kolkata-based confectioner named Nobin Chandra Das is known to be the inventor of the popular spongy white Banglar Rasogolla in 1868.
Eyes with spongy oedema showed diffuse thickening of macula.
When a man is seduced, the blood rushes to the spongy penile tissues, thereby leading to erection.
The jay's feather, which goes from ultra violet in colour through to blue and into white, is made of a nanostructured spongy keratin material which is the same material human hair and fingernails are made from.