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Skinner's team used a scanning device to analyze the 3-D structure and density of spongy trabecular tissue that grows beneath bones' hard outer layers.
It was noticed that, while the chimpanzees, early homo sapiens, Neandertals and Australopithecus had bones with a high density of spongy bones; modern humans in comparison, have a lower bone density.
You pop some lotion onto the spongy square, then simply reach back and rub it into your skin.
They have been replaced with seven fully-grown beardy actors shuffling around the stage on their knees which, due to health and safety for knees, are heavily padded with little spongy legs dangling in front.
Upon arriving at my children's school this morning, I was pleased to see that a new playground surfacing had been laid - a soft, spongy surface that will doubtless save several trips to the school nurse.
Washington, July 4 ( ANI ): The genetic cause of a rare skin condition that causes the hands and feet to turn white and spongy when exposed to water, has now been identified.
The species, spongy mazegill, was unearthed by site ranger Mark Allen in February and has been confirmed by a leading UK mycologist at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew.
He had been shooting ping-pongsized spongy Nerf balls at the side of the school.
There are also spongy pads that have ridges like a ruffled potato chip, providing a greater area to stick to surfaces.
Although I didn't realize it at the time, the trigger on my old release was simply too & spongy and had too much travel to foster good shooting habits.
I also particularly liked the bit about how matches were created in those days - using white phosphorus for the tips, which served to poison those that made them by emitting vapours that turned their bones spongy.
grappling the woman/nursing a dog in the shadows a thief/crunched dense fleshy a stubbly spongy muzzle snarling.