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Sponsorship effect metric: Assessing the financial value of sponsoring by comparisons to television advertising.
These high-level guidelines, when applied to your firm's brand, will help you know when to consider a sponsorship and which sponsorships to choose among the many knocking on your office door.
Research also showed that sponsorship agreements were a recent phenomenon in municipal fiscal programs.
Speed and Thompson (2000) explained there is much still to learn about sponsorship, and Hoek (1999) bemoaned the lack of development in management practice.
Receiving the sponsorship, MCM chief public relations officer and Morupule Wanderers patron Ernest Phiri acknowledged sponsorship from Massive Brands.
This increase in sponsorship expenditure might increase with the same ratio (5.
In the Brand Sponsorship category, SSE was shortlisted alongside the Ant and Dec Morrisons campaign, Barclays Premier League, Infiniti Red Bull Racing Formula One, the First 4G Festival and the eventual category winners, HTC's UEFA sponsorship.
It was Jesse Jackson who helped secure sponsorship for him to become the first African American to race at Indy.
Few churches offer full sponsorships because of the financial burden, says Elsa Tesfay Musa, PWRDF refugee/emergency relief co-ordinator.
The Presbyterian Church in Canada's involvement in refugee sponsorship began with the overwhelming response to the resettlement of Indo-Chinese refugees in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and continues to the present.
From the outset, TEI has solicited feedback from conference participants about the sponsorship program.