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This may sound contradictory, but one of the best ways to challenge the need to plan everything is to turn it against itself by planning your spontaneity. Take out your diary and put in some blocks of time for spontaneous action.
If the police see that in the corner of the room, they'll think, 'We're too late - the bomb's already gone off!'' It is exactly this sort of joyous spontaneity that makes Adam such a memorable live act.
The author proposes that the concept of artistic spontaneity can only be defined as the opposite of convention or intentionality, using the example of the poetry of Su Shi on art and connoisseurship.
511-514] is only one example of tendencies in entropy production or spontaneity, (2) albeit the most important one as Kelvin defined it (see below); even so, a whole perspective is possible only if thermodynamics is understood in terms of both energy dissipation and entropy growth--the former spontaneous and the latter universal.
I really cherish them because they allowed me to combine organisation with spontaneity. They also gave me the right vision of the place in which I was working," Hussein said.
One mother and blogger discusses how motherhood can squeeze the spontaneity out of life.
The theme of spontaneity is woven throughout all elements, tying to the brand promise that Schick Quattro for Women razors provide a shave so smooth, you could skip a shave or two.
We won that Grand Slam because Gats mixed things up, he tried new things and looked to have Wales playing with flair and spontaneity. KARDIFFLAD
"Faith, intimacy, spontaneity, evolve, rebel, tribal, true.
It seems his final decision may have been reached with a spontaneity that left his opponents wrong footed.
''We never rehearse, there's a lot of spontaneity to it.
Winnicott, elaborating and deepening Freud's idea, called "primary creativity," by which he meant the spontaneity innate to us all yet often stifled or channeled into trivial pursuits by society.