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The authors found a doubling of risk for spontaneous abortion within that 28-day exposure window, but no association if the vaccination took place outside that period.
Several recent reports in large, diverse Populations (2-5) have demonstrated that the vaccine does not increase the risk of spontaneous abortion, stillbirth, preterm delivery, or congenital anomalies.
Spontaneous miscarriage is a considerable issue in terms of its social and economic impact.
Primary spontaneous pneumothorax typically occurs in young, asthenic adults.
cerevisiae revolutionized winemaking in the first place: The risks associated with spoilage and stuck or sluggish fermentation in a spontaneous fermentation made controlled inoculation an attractive option for winemakers in the past.
Common classification is to classify it into spontaneous pneumothorax (SP) which occurs without a preceding external trauma, and traumatic pneumothorax which follows penetrating, blunt or barometric trauma to the chest.
The case group consist of 257 women whose pregnancies ended with spontaneous abortion.
Condition excluding self heating / spontaneous combustion
Pneumothorax is the accumulation of air or gas in the pleural cavity after spontaneous or lung-chest wall trauma.
The subject of the tender is applied research including determining the causal relationship creation of clinkers and biological spontaneous combustion of straw.
Over half pneumothoraces are traumatic, either accidental or iatrogenic; the remaining occur without any preceding trauma and are labelled spontaneous pneumothorax (SP).
The nontraumatic or spontaneous pneumorrhachis is very rare but can occur as a complication of SPM [5].