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LABOR. Continued operation; work.
     2. The labor and skill of one man is frequently used in a partnership, and valued as equal to the capital of another.
     3. When business has been done for another, and suit is brought to recover a just reward, there is generally contained in the declaration, a count for work and labor.
     4. Where penitentiaries exist, persons who have committed crimes are condemned to be imprisoned therein at labor.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Comparative analysis of international caesarean delivery rates using 10-group classification identifies significant variation in spontaneous labor. Am J Obstet Gynecol 2009;201(308):e301-e308.
In addition, women who had had an elective induction were more likely than those with spontaneous labor to delay breast-feeding by 1-24 hours (1.1), more than 24 hours (1.6) or more than six days (3.1).
It is possible now to initiate safe labor that simulates a spontaneous labor and plan an elective LSCS with predictable perinatal outcome as guided by AFPS as an obstetric parameter.
Of these deliveries, 37.8% (34) of the deliveries were induced; an additional 17.8% (16) of the deliveries were augmented after spontaneous labor started; 7.8% (4) were planned cesarean section deliveries; and 33 (36.7%) had spontaneous deliveries requiring no intervention.
Because labor induction is known to be associated with higher operative delivery rates, there was concern that the effects of epidural analgesia in induced labor might be different than its effects in spontaneous labor, Dr.
The girl was born to a 26-year-old prima gravida, prima para, woman at 39 weeks' gestation by spontaneous labor; the infant's birth weight was 3,350 g, and she was 51 cm long.
The study, conducted in 1999-2000, included 99 nulliparous women with a diagnosis of dystocia (i.e., cervical dilation during active, spontaneous labor was occurring at a rate of less than 1 cm per hour).
Even during the fifth month, if a woman goes into spontaneous labor, her baby usually will be alive when born and, therefore, legally recognized as a "live birth." Thus, this abortion method is, literally, a partial birth.
The results of the study show that the risk of cesarean section is five times higher in women with at least one previous vaginal delivery who receive cervical ripening before elective induction, compared with women who have spontaneous labor.
Bloom and his colleagues assigned 1,067 women at Dallas' Parkland Memorial Hospital in spontaneous labor with uncomplicated pregnancies between 36 and 41 weeks' gestation to either a walking group or a bed-rest group.
It does make a difference when physicians will induce [labor in] somebody based entirely on the fact that she's reached 42 weeks." Induced labor has a higher incidence of infection, says Heyl, who adds: "I think it's pretty safe to say that an induced labor is more likely to end in a cesarean section than a spontaneous labor."
In the United Kingdom, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence recommends that all clinicians have a discussion of membrane sweeping with their patients at 38 weeks' gestation and offer membrane stripping at 40 weeks to increase the rate of timely spontaneous labor and to avoid the risks of prolonged pregnancy.

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