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For those who had pathology inferior to vocal cords, the intubation was performed while maintaining spontaneous ventilation without using muscle relaxants.
Anaesthesia was maintained with oxygen and nitrous oxide and sevoflurane with spontaneous ventilation.
We decided to keep the patient under spontaneous ventilation since endotracheal intubation and the use of mechanical ventilation could increase the PVR.
78 Maximal advantage of the rLMA would be achieved by using a spontaneous ventilation technique with awake removal in recovery.
Immediately after tracheal extubation, spontaneous ventilation mode using a bi-level NIPPV support was used.
7 These studies showed that LMA could be used as an alternative device for maintenance of anesthesia during spontaneous ventilation.
Pressure Support Ventilation - (PSV) A method of augmented spontaneous ventilation that is flow, pressure or time cycled pressure limited and patient triggered.
Weaning is defined as the process of gradual removal of mechanical ventilation support toward spontaneous ventilation.
In the intensive care unit, the two most commonly used ventilation modes are spontaneous ventilation and mandatory ventilation.
The continuum of sedation Light sedation Anxiolysis (no opioid) Responsiveness Response to verbal Purposeful stimuli response to verbal or tactile stimuli Airway Unaffected No intervention required Spontaneous ventilation Unaffected Adequate Cardiovascular function Unaffected Usually maintained Deep sedation (or with opioid) Anaesthesia Responsiveness Purposeful response Unrousable only after repeated or painful stimuli Airway Intervention may Intervention be required often required Spontaneous ventilation May be inadequate Frequently inadequate Cardiovascular function Usually maintained May be impaired
35 7 APACHE = acute physiology and chronic health evaluation; M = male, F = female, SAH = subarachnoid haemorrhage, MVA = motor vehicle accident, CABG = coronary artery bypass graft, COAD = chronic obstructive airways disease, CPAP/PSV = spontaneous ventilation with pressure support, SIMV = synchronised intermittent mandatory ventilation, Fi[O.
No interventions are required to maintain patient airway, and spontaneous ventilation is adequate.

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