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The investigators concluded, "PVI can predict dexmedetomidine-induced changes in blood pressure in spontaneously breathing patients."
In the pregnancies conceived spontaneously, the gestational age was established by ultrasound examination of the fetal crown-rump length at 11-14 weeks' gestation.
Siirt Governor Ahmet Aydyn, who also spoke to the agency, defined the incidents as supernatural and said it was impossible to understand having seen the many items that apparently spontaneously combusted.
Then, when the researchers removed the surfactant by pushing the solution through a membrane, the compounds spontaneously assembled once again into a perfectly formed, rejuvenated photocell.
Of those patients, 91 (60%) had their cysts resolve spontaneously, while the others required surgery.
Key Words: Phrenic nerve; Spontaneously hypertensive rats; sympathetic nervous system
While in the scanner, the patients rated their pain levels, which fluctuated spontaneously.
Dreamers is a novel about a sudden evolutionary trend that spontaneously begins to affect the human race--the appearance of Pairs and Multi-Sleeper Dreams.
Students and instructors can spontaneously meet live online at any time to discuss their coursework using this free instant messaging and voice chat tool.
Horizon Wimba has released Pronto, a free instant messaging and voice chat toot that allows students and instructors to spontaneously meet live online at any time to discuss their coursework, Features include instant messaging, voice over IP audio, and group IM and VoIP.
(4,5) In summary, the major findings of the Laumann Report are that homosexuality is not a stable trait and that it tends spontaneously to convert into heterosexuality as an individual gets older; that sexual identity is not fixed at adolescence but continues to change over the course of life and that there is no evidence for homosexuality being innate.
Likewise, male domination does not occur spontaneously but is forged by social rituals.

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