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access to water for rural communities, taking into account the spontaneus returnees phenomenon and recent episodes
VALUE Special offers aside, these are the kind of prices - pitched at the posh gastro pub end of the market - that more suit a special occasion than a spontaneus meal out.
We describe an acute occurrence of cardiopulmonary arrest due to spontaneus rupture of lung hydatid cyst in a child infected with echinococcus.
The protest is said to be spontaneus and non-official, organized via social networks.
Spontaneus lipid peroxidation and production of hydrogen peroxide and superoxide in human spermatozoa.
As the Party leadership led by Chairman Bilawal entered the specially created pandal the workers burst into a spontaneus and prolonged applause and deafening slogans of Jeeay Bhutto, .
Considera quoque ut inter expedite ambulandum, spontaneus ille bracchiorum motus, cuius centrum scapulae sunt .