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Yet contemporary ideas about chance have three ancient roots: the games of chance played by soldiers and other commoners, Epicurus's clinamen or spontaneus deviation from the straight path, and Spinoza's distinction between natura naturans and natura naturata.
"Instead of letting a spontaneus black market prosper," according to the central government, the border provinces should "capitalize the trend and encourage people to conduct cross-border exchanges in designated places." Following the instruction, several small border markets in less strategically important locations were informally opened to nearby Vietnamese villagers in late 1983 (Fan and Liu 2006, 119-120).
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Spontaneus involution of Rathke's cleft cysts without visual symptoms.
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One year later, she had her second spontaneus delivery and was informed that the device was lost and no other investigatigation was performed.
Brain spontaneus functional connectivity and intelligence.
Spontaneus canine transmissible venereal tumor: cell morphology and influence on p-glycoprotein expression.
Spontaneus micronuclei in peripheral blood erythrocytes from 54 animal species (mammals, reptiles and birds): Par two.
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