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The executives who actually did adhere to the statin regimen were significantly more likely to achieve their cholesterol goals than those who took the medication sporadically.
1) Although most cases occur sporadically, familial forms have been reported.
Their invention Ichneumon, 'a wail for hiding things', is a space divider that acts in many other ways, particularly as a storage system for all the things which need intermediate parking spaces of various kinds: ranging from the pen or computer (things needed permanently for work), to objects used sporadically, like books, magazines, cigarettes, bananas and postcards, to the things which are not used continuously, but need shelves or drawers.
The interior and facade were dirty from neglect, the elevators worked sporadically, electricity and plumbing were inadequate, and the twenty vacant apartments were uninhabitable.
From its beginning in the 1950s, the semiconductor industry has been characterized by a four-year cycle, sporadically modified by unexpected economic factors.
Pericarditis is rare (7), mostly reported from France (6,8) and Spain (9), and sporadically worldwide (10).
Fighting and shooting between Muslim guerrillas and state forces as well as abductions by the rebels of people including foreigners have occurred sporadically in the region, according to the ministry.
It was earlier sporadically employed by John Neumeier in his full-evening work that Hamburg Ballet brought to Lincoln Center last year, Bernstein Dances, but Wheeldon uses the music in its concert hall shape.
To be sure, Orth is a hard-boiled, detail-obsessed reporter, but her Hard Copy prose and penchant for salacious detail cast a tawdry patina over this sporadically informative book.
Electricity grids start to go down sporadically in mid-'99, and the world suffers wide-ranging utility outages.
The disentailment of private, church and common lands, which began in the 1790s and continued sporadically (sometimes convulsively) for nearly a century, merely consolidated the existing patterns of land ownership or domination, rather than creating a new and innovative bourgeois agriculture.
MRI changed the basic understanding of MS, for by 1988 sequential MRI scans proved that MS is a constant, ongoing disease even though symptoms may be appearing only sporadically.