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The executives who actually did adhere to the statin regimen were significantly more likely to achieve their cholesterol goals than those who took the medication sporadically.
The corporation paid rent, wages and royalties and sporadically filed Form 941, Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return, from 1996-1998.
AS we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Dylan Thomas,his native Swansea is being threatened all around,on both land and sea,by gigantic, ugly wind turbines tha twill only generate electricity very sporadically, when wind speeds are between 10 and 50 miles per hour.
American presidents have sporadically deployed armed force to promote liberty in international politics.
He then had injury problems and showed his form only sporadically.
Thirty-one percent of the adolescents had a parent who smoked, 13-14% had a parent who drank heavily in the past month and 19-20% had one who never or only sporadically used seat belts.
When yellow stuff began appearing sporadically, she dutifully scrubbed it as instructed.
I would be hard pressed to even name 126 people I know who have computers, and most of them only write sporadically.
1) Although most cases occur sporadically, familial forms have been reported.
Their invention Ichneumon, 'a wail for hiding things', is a space divider that acts in many other ways, particularly as a storage system for all the things which need intermediate parking spaces of various kinds: ranging from the pen or computer (things needed permanently for work), to objects used sporadically, like books, magazines, cigarettes, bananas and postcards, to the things which are not used continuously, but need shelves or drawers.
The interior and facade were dirty from neglect, the elevators worked sporadically, electricity and plumbing were inadequate, and the twenty vacant apartments were uninhabitable.