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I'm sure,' said the Good Sport, languishingly, like a sentimental siege-gun, 'that if I had ever met Mr Chalmers before I shouldn't have forgotten him.
The Good Sport said she was crazy about Englishmen.
Ah, Antonio, it IS the noblest sport that ever was.
When he has furnished all the sport he can, he is not any longer useful, and is killed.
There would be some sport," said John Harned, "if a toreador were killed once in a while.
It is the cowardly sport of a cowardly people," he said.
Wait a minute, Cousin Bess,” cried Richard; “there is an uncertainty about the rules of this sport that it is proper I should remove.
Then each man stood in his place and measured the other with fell looks until he that directed the sport cried, "Play
The sports were regulated by an officer of inferior rank, termed the Provost of the Games; for the high rank of the marshals of the lists would have been held degraded, had they condescended to superintend the sports of the yeomanry.
Then Euryalus reviled him outright and said, "I gather, then, that you are unskilled in any of the many sports that men generally delight in.
Authority on these points may be found in Strutt's Book of English Sports and Pastimes.
On another most blissful morning, these four gentlemen partook of the amusement of rat-hunting in a barn, than which sport Rawdon as yet had never seen anything more noble.