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From a pull-down menu on the G-ForSE homepage, visitors can find information on how sports participants can protect the environment, as well as reviews of eco-friendly sporting goods such as battery-assisted bicycles, biodegradable fishing line, solar battery rechargers, and a portable ultraviolet measuring device.
In the western region, which includes California, participation in traditional sports, including basketball and soccer, fell from 2000 to 2001, while activities like snowboarding gained in popularity in that period, according to data published by Sporting Goods Manufacturers' Association International, a trade group.
16) The Thanksgiving sporting tradition had truly become a national passion.
com will feature content tailored to the sporting interests of Spanish-speaking audiences in the United States and Latin America, including comprehensive sports news wire feeds, statistics, league and tournament results and standings, opinion columns by Fox Sports en EspaSol and Fox Sports Latin America on-air talent, fantasy games, photo galleries, audio and video clips, and network program schedules.
affiliated companies that sell travel, hospitality and ticket packages for major sporting and entertainment events worldwide.
and Latin America, their track record covering the biggest and most important sporting events, and their relentless commitment to excellence, objectivity and fairness, the selection committee was Co-Chaired by Luis Vi[+ or -]uales, former editor in chief of Fox Sports en Espa[+ or -]ol The Magazine, and Federico Infante, executive producer of Argentina's Fox Sports Latin America.
It also represents the broadcast rights to many of the world's premier sporting events and has the world's biggest sports archive with more than 200,000 hours of footage.
Once the World Cup has come and gone, Fox Sports en Espanol will again be the only Spanish-language network to offer exclusive coverage of as many as four of the biggest elite sporting events, including the most prestigious and highest-rated international club level soccer tournaments from Latin America.
It's head-to-head competition with real sporting events, real Las Vegas odds and real action for weekly rankings and bragging rights.