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Bravo also sportingly lauded South Africa's performance and also backed his team's performance.
Sportingly Better's Jonathan Day said, “The move into the Kindle represents a new channel in reaching our visitors who increasingly access our winning tips and predictions from mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet PCs.
However, he sportingly withdrew from the race on the eve of poll "to give the other contenders a chance".
Haas sportingly showed concern for his opponent and Murray required lengthy treatment.
The top clash in Division Two (West) between Tonmawr and Carmarthen Athletic was called off because some of the Athletic players had been involved in a car crash en route, and they were naturally shaken up, so Tonmawr sportingly agreed to postpone the fixture.
In a testament to Cattelan's Svengali-like might, the museum's in-house coordinator Ann Coxton has sportingly assumed the title of Gallery Janitor, ceding curatorial control to Cattelan and crew.
And sportingly, he fails to mention that CSPI led the successful fight for easy-to-read nutrition facts labels on packaged foods; it has stopped scores of deceptive advertising campaigns, reduced the number of deaths due to sulfites, and encouraged major restaurant chains to add more healthful options to their menus.
The previous day, the businessmen and high-ranking military personnel had engaged in what they sportingly called a "war game," but it was really more of a brainstorming session on how the military could buy more of their products.
The developer sportingly offered to produce replacements, and the architects presumably did the best they could within the limits of their budget and knowledge.
Basically, the Renick family-owned dealership wanted the chance to promote Subaru's smaller, more compact Forester SUV which has been totally restyled for 2001 with a sportingly sleek, head-turner of a design.
Kardashian had responded to the criticisms and spoofs on her cover sportingly, and blogged saying that people are so funny and creative, and that she loves the parody pictures.
When the media got curious about Kareena's hasty departure, Imran sportingly called up the actress and put the phone on speaker.