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Opara EU and FT Obani Performance of some plant extracts and pesticides in the control of bacterial spot disease of Solanum.
3] reported a leaf spot disease on Aloe vera plants that observed as small, circular to oval dark brown necrotic sunken spots on the leaves.
We started out exclusively in the frozen shrimp business, but after white spot disease struck other ways were found to survive and thrive by diversifying into finfish and calamari products," said Jorge Luis Verduga, general manager.
A simple 20-minute check can spot disease and illness.
Researchers can then spot disease patterns in different areas and take action to address them.
Application of the yeast spores significantly abolished growth of different fungal causal agents of plant diseases such as powdery mildews, the gray mold that has more than 400 different hosts, crown rust, the black spot disease of cultivated Brassicas and late wilt disease in corn.
However, it said reports of losses due to white spot disease came from China in 1993, where it led to a virtual collapse of the shrimp farming industry.
Black Sigatoka is a fungus that causes a leaf spot disease in banana plants and reduces the yield of the plant by 50% or more.
CHECK shrubs for signs of coral spot disease - a sign that the stems are dead - and prune them out.
Always inspect dwarf irises for small black spots, symptoms of the devastating ink spot disease.
A second possibility is a small black spot disease called Phyllostica minima.