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Fungal leaf spot diseases are also one of the major problems for ornamental growers.
This $20 million assistance package will help reimburse costs for prawn farmers in the initial response to the White Spot disease outbreak, including recognition of the stock destroyed, as well as the costs of their farms being out of action for a season.
Classification of Cotton Leaf Spot Disease Using Support Vector Machine', International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications, pp: 92-97.
maltophilia significantly decreased the leaf spot disease index to 16.
The shortage from South Africa is due to issues with citrus black spot disease.
Black spot disease is a bacterial infection that causes black lesions on the exoskeleton (Ayres & Edwards 1982).
Although the predisposition effect of leaf miners on the increment of Alternaria spot disease was previously published for tomato (DURAIRAJ et al.
Intercropping of garlic, green chilli and onion can significantly reduce the Myrothecium leaf spot disease incidence in farmer fields.
The farmers had only believed on resistant varieties in Philippine and Indonesia during epidemics of brown spot disease on rice in 1970s and 1980s (Patil et al.
Incidence of white spot disease in freshwater ornamental fishes imported to Pakistan.
Answer: Freshwater white spot disease, also known as ich or ick, is the most common disease of all freshwater and marine aquarium fish and is probably responsible for more fish deaths than just about any other disease.