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The damask was even more spotless than it had seemed through the window, and the crystal more sparkling.
"They are all robed in spotless white, And conquering palms they bear."
“boughten clothes.” There was also one man in a “rifle frock,” with its fringes and folds of spotless white, striking a chill to the heart with the idea of its coolness, although the thick coat of brown” home- made” that was concealed beneath preserved a proper degree of warmth.
All were neatly dressed in spotless white robes and had brown skins, horns on their foreheads and three-colored hair.
His attention was attracted first by the white and spotless liveries of the servants--the form of locomotion itself was almost new to him.
Her linen collar and cuffs were spotless. Tan gloves were stretched over her well-shaped hands.
Hillocks grow into hills, and hills into mountains, each range overlying its neighbor, until they soar up in the giant chain which raises its spotless and untrodden peaks, white and dazzling, against the pale blue wintry sky.
''Must I remind you of what you owe to your high position, your spotless integrity, your famous name?
He seated himself before a spotless cloth and watched Hannah Cox spread out his well-cooked, cleanly-served meal.
Crawley's character, I shan't demean myself or that most spotless and perfectly irreproachable lady by even hinting that it requires a defence.
About their waist they wore a short tunic of spotless white tappa, and some of them super-added to this a mantle of the same material, tied in an elaborate bow upon the left shoulder, and falling about the figure in picturesque folds.
(cried I) how canst thou thus undauntedly endeavour to sully the spotless reputation of such bright Excellence?