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And to Segal's tableaux vivants, with their real bathtubs and neon signs, he added his own repertory of real-life, store-bought products--a shower curtain, a toilet seat, a telephone, a radio, a wall clock, a refrigerator door, all of which, unlike Rauschenberg's assemblages of urban detritus, were spotlessly clean, purchased right out of Sears and Roebuck.
Beatty, who grew up near die tracks of the Erie Lackawanna Railroad, ironically named his 1959 examination of love and violence, The Road of the Phoebe Snow, after the line's spotlessly clean special train that completely contrasted with the harsh, experience-spotted lives of the less privileged it passed among.
Keep the kitchen spotlessly clean with all dishes, pots and pans put into neatly arranged cabinets.
The business' spotlessly clean 8,000-square-foot facility and state-of-the-art computer system have also contributed to his accomplishments.
Romany gypsies are noted for being spotlessly clean in their living caravans and their valuable antiques are worth thousands.
Your reporter, Wesley Johnson, is spot on with the report, having just returned from a cruise which included three stops in Iceland, at Akureyri (on the north coast), Isafjordur and Reykjavik - 98% pollution free, little to no crime and spotlessly clean.
The doctors who kept me informed daily on my progress, the nurses who helped me on the road to recovery with great care and, most importantly for me, a sense of fun, the ancillary staff for their efficient service, and finally the cleaning staff who I observed kept even the most remote nooks and crannies spotlessly clean.
The Royal Glamorgan Hospital was spotlessly clean and the attention I received from the nurses and medical staff could not be surpassed.
A DOG called Hooch is looking for a new home that is spotlessly clean.
The Loo of the Year 2006 award, for spotlessly clean facilities complete with fresh flowers.
The ward was spotlessly clean, the staff were very caring and worked hard.
The chair's chrome frame is spotlessly shiny, but the seat and back are upholstered with stained and dirty red material.