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But again, the shaving heads must be kept spotlessly clean.
I have recently been to Weymouth in the South and Whitly Bay in the north east where I found both locations to be spotlessly clean.
The road in question will have to be spotlessly clean for the tarmac to adhere to.
The sheds were always spotlessly clean and had little wooden turrets on the loft usually painted in two different colours, often black and white, I think this was to attract the pigeons back home.
Your reporter, Wesley Johnson, is spot on with the report, having just returned from a cruise which included three stops in Iceland, at Akureyri (on the north coast), Isafjordur and Reykjavik - 98% pollution free, little to no crime and spotlessly clean.
A pounds 27 same day return, spotlessly clean carriages, bang on time, and back to New Street the same evening to the minute.
Cleanliness in healthcare settings is of the utmost importance and it is Norma's dedication to ensuring that every area of the unit is spotlessly clean that makes her worthy of the accolade.
All the staff were most courteous and helpful, the airport was spotlessly clean, our flights departed and arrived on time.
In general, prices are low, neds don't roam the streets, the locals are polite and eager to please and most places are spotlessly clean.