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The Pearl mentions that she has done little work, but her claim to spotlessness comes primarily from her virginity, not from any other kind of innocence or sinlessness.
Owners are advised to conform to a standard issued by the Association of Physical Plant Instructors' (APPA) Leadership in Educational Facilities Custodial Staffing Guidelines, which are based on "appearance levels" ranging from "orderly spotlessness," "ordinary tidiness" and "casual inattention" to "moderate dinginess" and "unkempt neglect."
The neat trim of his beard and the spotlessness of his clothes reveal, however, that Whitman has pitched a calculated performance.
And yet, both the outside war and the trivial war fought by the Housewife within her four walls to maintain the hypocritical antiseptic spotlessness required by her class ultimately lead to the same outcome: "Vanto competizione bramosia guerra, e un fiume che non si arresta dal correre alla sua foce anche se la sua foce sbocca nei piu riposti luoghi della morte." Nascita e morte della massaia 125.
benignity of age," "divine spotlessness and power," and "the dignity of a thousand monarchs" (Melville 204-07).
The spotlessness of the store also plays a key role in the second reason Carter said customers choose Shout & Sack over the competition - its prepared foods offering.
Who have the citizens got to thank for it spotlessness? Themselves, of course, because no one drops anything.