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"I'm very much looking forward to joining Comcast Spotlight. It's a coming home of sorts for me," Hamilton said.
Just as the human eye is optimized to focus in exceptional detail on a small fraction of an image, Tobii Spotlight Technology brings nature's design for human vision to the devices we use, and will use, every day.
Mexico is the third country in Latin America to launch the Spotlight initiative.
Spotlight Topics: 1) Mental Health Updates Across the Lifespan: ex.
Spotlight Stories started as a group within Motorola and later became a part of Google's Advanced Technologies and Products (ATAP) group.
NJTV's news division, NJTV News, and NJ Spotlight are member-supported independent news sources in New Jersey, and are now joining forces to bring a new, multi-platform approach to local, in-depth journalism in the state.
Spotlight Labs was founded by fighter pilots on the heels of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.
PT tests the devices in the XPRT Spotlight using the industry-standard BenchmarkXPRT tools: WebXPRT, MobileXPRT, TouchXPRT, CrXPRT, BatteryXPRT, and HDXPRT.
Spotlight particularly supports films with strong female-centric stories as well as those produced by women.
Spotify says Spotlight will launch with content from its top partners, including BuzzFeed News, Cheddar, Crooked Media, Lenny Letter, Gimlet Media, Refinery29,  Genius, The Minefield Girl and Uninterrupted.
TeleVoice, which develops and implements customized call center solutions, has been awarded a US patent for the unique technology embodied in SpotLight, the company said.
Before Savvius Omnipliance Ultra and the Savvius Spotlight Appliance, network monitoring and management products were limited, presenting summary information based on aggregated packet-level metrics, one-sided flow data that was missing critical measurements such as quality and latency, or other delayed or incomplete views.