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In accordance with this reoccurring theme, production crews on the set of "The Last Ship" have decided to use Larsons' HML-4 12-Volt, magnetic hand held spotlight as well.
Obvious Child," "Growing up and Other Lies," "Days and Nights," "Cas & Dylan," "The Immigrant" and "Love by Design" are Saturday night spotlights.
Tickets for Spotlights are $12 for members, $19 for non members.
MacMillan/McGraw-Hill, an elementary school publishing unit of McGraw-Hill Education, has formed a partnership with the nationally broadcast radio program From the Top to enhance its music curriculum, Spotlight on Music.
Three 7-kilowatt xenon spotlights on Rogers Dry Lake will be aimed skyward to assist in calibrating the cameras aboard Landsat-7.
Report Spotlight Companies such as Groen Brothers Aviation (OTCBB: GNBA) and Blastgard International (OTCBB: BLGA), included in Spotlight Analytics reports incorporated into the update, provided in partnership with the 400-member Homeland Security Industries Association (http://www.
LED lights run at significantly cooler temperatures and draw fewer amps than traditional hunting spotlights, making it a more economical choice when considering the power source.
The international technology group SCHOTT has expanded its EasyLED series for use in stereomicroscopy to include the Spotlight Plus.
pdf transcript, as well as the full SmallCap Spotlight on Electronic Sensor
Quest Spotlight on DB2 UDB and Quest Spotlight on DB2 OS/390 Help to Pinpoint Performance Problems for Rapid Resolution
com), a leading provider of enterprise-wide mobile medical and nursing solutions, is helping physicians, nurses and first responders gain access to the critical information they require to identify and treat Avian Influenza A (H5N1), or "bird flu," whenever and wherever they need it by making its CDC Spotlights channel available to medical professionals for no charge at www.
Spotlights are available for a variety of database platforms and applications including BEA WebLogic Server, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and Siebel.