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But chief planning officer Richard Goulborn replied: "It is decorated with diamant mirrors and will be spotlit at night.
There is her portentously clicking fingers, her delicately tapped tambourine, the way she slinks from guitar to piano and the way she let's "her boys" in the band have their spotlit moments.
So there we are, on her wall, spotlit, shocked, and grinning.
At the front of a squat wooden platform with deliberate echoes of a stage is a spotlit figure of a young man carrying an older man on his back.
Spotlit against the wall of a crumbling hovel, the beggar and the boy mimed some play for two that reproduced itself in shadows.
The back room, which is very dark, contains seven spotlit night scenes.
Conductor Semyon Bychkov drew a grippingly well-hewn account of this demanding score from his young charges, so well-coached during a post-Christmas residency at Denstone College near Uttoxeter, and the many spotlit solos were confidently handled, not least by Annie Lydford manipulating the mighty Symphony Hall organ.
In The Story I'm about to Tell (Lesego Rampolokeng and Bobbie Rodwell) actors and actual participants in the TRC combine to tell stories in a simple setting: the three 'real' people sit alone in the spotlit centre to offer their testimony.
Andrew Sinclair, the Australian director, seemed more concerned with spotlit ceremonials than human interaction.
The lighting often spotlit only the lower half of the body, eclipsing individual identities.
They look stunning set among white flowers and can be spotlit with dazzling effect.
An entire wall becomes a giant pulsating screen, while sketchbooks spotlit like saints' relics show the tantalising genesis of forms and ideas; mind, eye and hand constantly sparking up a storm.