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Again, Jimmy's mother is revealed in bodily form, she is offstage and spotlit.
LEAPING into the eerie gloom, spotlit in pink, blue and green, I hurtled along a zipwire and into the darkness.
They sit around a spotlit white table, and come up with ideas like "leggings".
Ruth grins reminiscently; her former self flashes up on her mindscreen, how she must have looked that entire first term: eyes like a spotlit possum's, ears flushing pink.
Punctuated by Dante's short and spotlit poetry performances - which demonstrate an ever-increasing influence from his new platform companion - the story is played out over six meetings which see the random acquaintances become important to each other.
The spotlit Trend Room has tight beam metal halide lighting only, creating a theatrical fashion feel with luminaire fittings and rigs.
And sites on the lake's east side enjoy blown-open views of10,000-foot peaks, which get spotlit by the rising sun.
Beyond the gallery where Snow's video played was LOVELAND, which began in a short, darkened corridor punctuated by a fluorescing Chatham emerald and a spotlit, handbound edition of The Purple Cloud by Matthew Phipps Shiel (1901).
At the end, the lights went out, the pyrotechnics kicked in and Wales received the trophy on a spotlit stage more befitting pop stars.
The 11 statues - which would have been scrapped under the abandoned plan - will be spotlit.
Lying, spotlit, in the midst of an empty stage, she strokes the surface next to her gently, suggestively, with one finger.
Diplomatically our cheery waiter had the sense to seat us and other small groups at the opposite end of the spacious restaurant which has quite a sophisticated air with Chinese-style screens and a wall decorated with teak cabinets filled with spotlit plants.