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The power supply grows even spottier when demand spikes during the sweltering summer months.
spottier, perhaps because the federal government started out in
In Chapter 1, "The Spectrum of Invention," Adams addresses the conceptual range of the collection, which is far spottier than the title suggests.
Home-format sales should cover most territories, but theatrical export will be spottier.
Trade reforms, though spottier, have relieved much of the pre-2000 tariff burden on LDCs' manufacturing exports.
One may reasonably ask: how can this possibly be, since we know that consensus expert economic forecasts can go badly wrong even a few years into the future (as was so painfully evident in the years leading up to the current world financial crisis) and political prognostications have an even spottier track record?
Locally, our record of remembrance is spottier and typically confined to personal efforts and parades.
White uses the pre- and post-Reformation versions of Norwich Grocer's "play of paradise" (available only in eighteenth-century transcriptions) to show how one play adapted to doctrinal change; he can only speculate, however, when dealing with the spottier textual evidence of the Coventry and Chester cycles.
A lot of downy mildew appeared throughout the region, while powdery mildew was spottier. The bee incursion acerbated (or was acerbated by) late-season rots, forcing an early harvest of some varieties before proper maturity was achieved.
Larger, spottier and more orange than native ladybirds, they have now been found as far north as North Yorks.
The Casey administration was a little spottier, and I don't think there was a real interest like there had been with Thornburgh.