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White uses the pre- and post-Reformation versions of Norwich Grocer's "play of paradise" (available only in eighteenth-century transcriptions) to show how one play adapted to doctrinal change; he can only speculate, however, when dealing with the spottier textual evidence of the Coventry and Chester cycles.
A lot of downy mildew appeared throughout the region, while powdery mildew was spottier.
But UCLA's run production has been spottier than a Dalmatian with freckles.
Larger, spottier and more orange than native ladybirds, they have now been found as far north as North Yorks.
The Casey administration was a little spottier, and I don't think there was a real interest like there had been with Thornburgh.
Based on secondary sources, it offers a thorough overview of the current state of research for Italy, Spain, and the Catholic American colonies; it is spottier for Germany, the Netherlands, France, and England.
Palestine's northern neighbor, for instance, has had a spottier (Israeli) occupation history.
38) The Kumho Tire decision remains more controversial than Daubert, and its adoption has been spottier.
The more anguished the better - the bigger the teddy bear that had its arms pulled off by an older brother, the spottier the teenager that was bullied at school, the wetter the weather on the author's wedding day, the more drool on the publisher's chin as he vigorously shakes your hand and signs you up to a sequel.
What they wanted was to go out with much older boys who were spottier and good at football, had a car and were called Dean.
When companies go too far one way or the other, their performance tends to be spottier, lumpier.
That's because opposition to an OFC is much spottier in the life industry than in the p-c industry, and the American Council of Life Insurers, Washington, has made a point of dividing up its contributions equally.