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What they wanted was to go out with much older boys who were spottier and good at football, had a car and were called Dean.
Hydrothermally altered granitic intrusive rocks with spottier, local quartz-molybdenite-pyrite veining were intersected between 259 m and 323 m, the bottom of the hole as of November 7th.
But while his success as a reformer seems undeniable, his record in ensuring that the wrong-doers actually received their just punishment is far spottier.
Other background factors in the appellate case data set were associated with decisions in the taxpayer's favor in a statistically significant manner or in one that approached statistical significance; however, the correlations were spottier.
But the most crucial aspect of Indian culture, the immense and ancient corpus of literature written in Sanskrit, has received spottier recognition, largely for lack not only of good, but of consistent, translations into English.
While there are accounts of workers shunning the role of corporate child, preferring to maintain their independence and dignity, the evidence here is considerably spottier.
He is even thicker and spottier than when we last saw him - being shouted at in the job centre.
But prices will likely be higher, service spottier, and, worst of all, it could take five to 10 years to become a reality.
Predictably, its development in the former socialist states has been slow and spotty--the farther east, the spottier.
This link between spots and good genes could explain male taste for spottier females, Alexandre Roulin, now at the University of Cambridge in England, and his colleagues report in the May 7 PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF LONDON B.
For companies without this unifying vision, the record is much spottier.