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Thank You for Smoking" is a superficial satire of spin-doctoring and political correctness that is spottily amusing but ultimately about as satisfying as a nicotine patch for a chronic smoker.
The batrachotoxins are "very rare compounds, and they occur spottily in nature," he says.
Because of funding constraints that limit training, and because training that directly addresses the environmental health role is only spottily available, members of the profession may also feel inadequately prepared for the challenge.
Staffed spottily by volunteers and campus supervisors who say they have better things to do, the bag check is in a small room off the lounge.
Although Chicago and Schapiro have received a degree of mainstream attention, until recently, other artists like Faith Wilding, Suzanne Lacy, Sandy Orgel, Sherry Brody and many others associated with the ground-breaking Womanhouse (CalArts, 1972) have been neglected or only spottily included in mainstream accounts.
A carefully instituted overdraft privilege service, never forced on account holders, avoids many of the ills of spottily applied NSF programs and policies.
First texts may also run the danger, as authors seek to carve out new academic territory, of becoming biased aggregations of spottily illustrated generalizations.
Scenario planning, the most common technique for evaluating non-financial risk, is used spottily by companies with a predominantly financial focus and only slightly more by those with a continuous focus.
Collecting and studying the repertory of the baroque guitar led to consideration of the transitional period during which the five-course guitar was eclipsed by the six-string instrument--a gray area of simultaneous, confusing, and spottily documented events occupying the closing decades of the eighteenth century, and extending into at least the opening decade of the nineteenth.
The Beylean freshness has never been caught, except spottily, in translations of the novels.